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Air Quality

Simple and detailed assessments with low emissions design throughout

To generate highly compliant and cost-effective outcomes which actually deliver improvements in air quality, we will work with your design team to incorporate measures which avoids costly reports and risk of delays. Where there are planning requirements, EPS can provide Simple Screening or Detailed Impact Assessments for developers and we also work with local authorities to prepare their annual status reports or help develop their strategies. Throughout all of this, EPS ensures there is a common thread which is not conventional but affords time and practical benefits to the developer whilst actually delivering material benefits for the wider air-breathing public, something often historically lacking in this field. This is our Low Emission Approach.

Through our approach, EPS encourages the inclusion of specific real-world aspects in the design in favour of conventional, and often largely academic, expensive reports based on whether future limits will be breached. This gives the developer a clear mandate for what they need to do at the earliest stage, so they can design the measures into the scheme usually at negligible cost, rather than try to satisfy planning conditions further down the line when it’s all too late. There is still a place for impact assessments in sensitive areas but in the majority of cases, the low emission approach tends to deliver better results for both client and planning authority. As an indication of how compliant this approach is, it has been borne out of EPS working with a local authority to develop their own strategy and a subject of ongoing academic research sponsored by EPS.

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